Certify The Value Of Your Gemstones

Use A Reputable Gem Testing Laboratory

The quality of gems and gemstone-based jewellery is important for both buyers and sellers. The quality determines the worth and value of precious stones.

It is important therefore to certify the quality precious stones especially when you buy from antique dealers, private sellers, and other such sources who may not be very accurate in their description and assessment of their products. The solution is to have a gem testing laboratory to assess and certify the quality of the gems.

Sellers whose gems come with certificates from a reputable testing laboratory in Singapore will have the confidence and trust of their customers.

Certificates will include a report that will identify key details and an appraisal of the estimated worth of the gems.

Sellers and customers will therefore get fair and reasonable prices. Another benefit of gem testing is to confirm the quality and value of inherited jewellery. Beneficiaries could then decide whether to keep or sell the jewellery.