Gem Appraisal in Singapore

Big Lab Research is one of the few gem appraisal services in Singapore. Our gem appraisal laboratory is helmed by Certified Master Valuers with a strong background in gemology.


Having a Certificate of Appraisal for a treasured gem provides a peace of mind for jewellery buyers and allows jewellery sellers to find the right buyer.


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What is a Gem Appraisal?


A gem appraisal reveals the value of a gemstone.


The results of a gem appraisal are usually presented as a report that details the following:

  • the gemological make up of your gem; i.e. what type of gemstone

  • the physical properties of your gem; i.e. its weight, size, colour, clarity, cut and more

  • the chemical properties of your gem; i.e. its composition, purity, and more

  • estimated retail value of your gem


An accurate appraisal should ideally be done by a trained gemologist who has been certified by established organisations such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and Master Valuer.


If you’re curious about the details on your gem appraisal report, your gemologist is in the best position to explain and breakdown the technical terms for you.

Why should I appraise my gemstone?


There are three major benefits to getting your gem appraised:

1)    Ensures you’re buying a gem at a fair value,

2)    allows sellers to provide assurance and secure sales of precious gems, or

3)    for insurance purposes.


Gem appraisals are typically recommended for high valued precious gemstones or jewellery.


If you’re looking to identify a heirloom jewellery or are curious about the true value of an old gem, you’ll find that our Gem Identification service more suitable and cost efficient as well.


Alternatively, if you’re looking to grade a diamond, consider our Diamond grading service instead.

How much does Gem Appraisal cost in Singapore?


We’d love to provide you with an exact cost. 


However, the cost of gem appraisal depends on several factors;

  • how much time it would take for examination: a complex jewellery will require a longer examination time as compared to a simple, uncut gem.

  • number of items to be appraised: we’ll require more time to appraise multiple gems.

  • experience of the valuer: some companies may have a tiered pricing depending on the experience of their gem valuer

  • depth of gem appraisal: we use top of the range equipment to analysis and appraise gems. Most of these details will be highly insightful for gem buyers but may not be required by gem owners. Some tests take a longer time to run and this may affect the cost.

What to avoid when looking for Gem Appraisal Services?


Big Lab Research believes in providing ethical, unbiased gem appraisal services.


We do not practice the following and would highly encourage you to avoid services that:

  • charge based on the value of your gem,

  • do not provide a clear fee structure provided before you commit to the service, or

  • attempt to purchase your jewellery or attempt to promote a jewellery dealer.